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Advantages of thin-walled bearing Luoyang Leary
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Leary thin wall bearing Luoyang Bearing Co., thin wall bearing features:
     Thin-walled to achieve a very thin section bearings and also to achieve the product compact and lightweight . Diversity of products extends the scope of its use . 0379-64907522
In order to obtain a low friction bearing torque, high rigidity, good swing accuracy, the outside light small balls . Use of the hollow shaft to ensure that the weight and the wiring space . A very thin walled bearing for bearing the thin end face of the product is achieved downsizing and weight. Diversity of products extends the scope of its use . Leary Luoyang Bearing Co., Ltd. .
     Thin-walled bearing rings are as follows:
     Deep groove ball bearings (C),
     Four-point contact ball bearings (X)
     Angular contact ball bearings (A),
     In different series are available in all of these designs. Series depends on the size of the cross section . Match ball and series. Deep groove ball bearings can support axial loads in both directions as well as radial loads. Four-point contact ball bearings can support two-way bearings are mainly in the form of thin-walled structures . Thin-walled bearings are widely used in aircraft , aerospace, astronomical instruments and clamping equipment, food processing equipment, glass production equipment and rotary tables , machine tools, packaging equipment , medical equipment, optical scanning equipment, radar, satellite communications equipment, textile machinery , robotics and semiconductor manufacturing equipment and other industries.